Pilates for Busy People

Here’s a cool and rarely noted fact about Pilates:  once you’ve established your routine, Pilates workouts deliver whole body benefits for a small investment of time.   If you’re keen to exercise but haven’t got the time to become a gym rat, then Pilates may be the workout for you.

A Pilates routine can last anywhere from five minutes to one hour (although most folks are not going to perform that lengthy of a routine, the hour-long series are for the die-hard enthusiasts and instructors).

While Pilates is best practiced as a whole system in which all the various pieces of apparatus are employed to give your body the individualized workout it needs, part of that practice is the home-based mat series that devotees do from once a day to a couple times a week.  The longest mat series when practiced as a flowing routine will take around twenty minutes to complete.  Most people will practice a routine that takes between five and fifteen minutes to complete for their Pilates homework on the mat.

At Bayside Pilates, homework is a part of nearly every client’s practice because it is so important to experiencing the tremendous benefits that Pilates delivers.  Folks can use their home Pilates routine in a variety of ways.
*  After a walk, run or bike ride, Pilates can give you a good stretch and bring all your strength back to your center.
*  Before golf, tennis, or your sport of preference, Pilates can focus your physical and mental engagement for optimal performance.
*  And generally, anytime you need a mental or physical reset, Pilates can energize and revitalize you so that you can complete your next task with zest and pleasure.

All you need to get moving with Pilates is a working knowledge of the sequence and the underlying coordination that makes the moves so powerful.  By attending classes at Bayside Pilates you will lay your foundation for a lifetime of feeling good with Pilates.