The 3 R’s of Wintertime

In Pilates training we learn about the 3 R’s – resistance, ratio, and repetitions.  This time of year, I’ve got another set of three on my mind:  Reflection, Redemption, and Resolution.


Either through quiet time indoors or through lots of social time with people who we don’t regularly see, I’ve noticed that in this dark time of year, we are given many opportunities for personal reflection.  Where have we come, what have we done, how do we feel, what do we want next, how have we changed, how have we remained the same – so many questions to ponder!


We can chose the lens through which we take stock of whatever comes to the surface of our minds.  I prefer love, forgiveness, and light over the less nurturing alternatives.  With love, so much more is possible.  With forgiveness as a point of departure, we can do the real work of living purposeful lives.  Only with light we can drive out darkness (thank you Dr. King).


It is much easier to chart a new course or regain an abandoned one with a spirit of hope and promise for good things to come.  As a Pilates instructor, I get to practice staying the course personally and facilitating it in others.  With the beginning of 2016, I’ve got some new tools for doing that in the making; and I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the work that I love with enthusiastic clients.  The business of self-betterment is, by far, my favorite one to be in.

Through this season of darkness, may you be the shining star that you are.  Shine brightly for yourself and for all of us.