Benefits of the MELT Method

How I’ve managed to control the uncontrollable with the MELT Method, where I was and where I am now thanks to MELT.

Given that Joe Pilates called what we now call Pilates, Contrology, it’s clear that control is central to his method.  Joe certainly was onto something when he introduced the idea that exercise could transform the shape of our body in ways beyond simply building up our musculature – he knew that breath was an important to include and he knew that the whole body must be worked in a coordinated way – no part ignored or neglected.  While I’ve devoted much attention and effort to my personal Pilates practice with complete faith that I could indeed use it to regain normal health, at some point I had to admit that something else was needed to address my situation that instead of getting better, was worsening.

The second time that I took on a daily MELT practice, I was in the midst of a very stressful time – moving our family home and my business while also taking over a new studio. I’d been practicing Pilates 2-6 days per week with considerable discipline for 18 years. While that certainly did me good, it didn’t address my concerns around the functioning of my nervous system and the poor state of my connective tissue system (most obviously indicated by daily physical pain, my distended abdomen, tendency toward weight-gain, regular break outs, uncomfortably dry skin, and insomnia).  I was able to exercise some degree of control over my body, but not enough to reclaim normal health.  All I can say is thank heavens for MELT because I’m in far better condition today than I was 15 months ago.

At a more basic level than our musculature, our bodies’s basic functions are determined by the functionality of our connective tissue and nervous systems.  True core function is meant to happen outside of our conscious control.  If that is so, what do we do when we know that our core functioning is compromised? We need to exercise just enough control over the uncontrollable to get it back functioning outside of our control.  With MELT techniques, we can support our ideal core functioning with very specific exercises.  Once our core is back online, we can build our strength on that solid foundation with Pilates.

Progress Report – After 15 months of daily MELTing, how am I doing with my list of ailments?  

My daily physical pain is significantly better.  Fifteen months ago, I would have put my daily pain at about a 9 on the scale of 1-10.  There were times when my physical limitations put a stop to anything and everything.  Now, I’d put my daily pain at about a 2.  It’s still there, it still irritates, but it resolves and is barely noticeable for most of the time.

My abdomen is significantly flatter.  I’ve averaged 1-2 Pilates workouts per week in the past 15 months.  That’s not ideal nor sustainable.  For this period in which I’m actually making significant headway in getting out of pain for good, it makes more sense for me to focus on MELT than Pilates as my daily practice.  MELT is helping me to regain true core integrity so the bloat is diminishing.  What’s more, my tendency to put on weight has diminished.  I have long held that metabolism and hormone levels had more to do with my body size than calories in and out and it would seem that I’ve found the way to positively influence those systems so that I can support my full days with good quality food and fit comfortably in my clothes..  

My skin is much better – breakouts are not nearly as severe or regular.  Dry skin is still present, especially because I wash my hands frequently.  But it’s not nearly as severe as it used to be in the cold, dry winter.

And insomnia?  I still don’t sleep like I used to in my 20’s when I was single and hadn’t accumulated 20 more years of unaddressed stress.  But my sleep is improving.  My hopes are buoyed that more restful sleep awaits me as I continue to restore my normal health.

15 months ago, I had to work really hard to keep my morale up.  I’m grateful that I didn’t give up on myself because in addition to my physical state improving, my overall mindset is significantly better as well.  

Pilates and MELT are a great combination for the ideal that Joe had for us all – normal health.

If your are sorting out how to restore your normal state of health, I highly recommend that you give MELT at try!  Email us to find out your MELT class / session options.